Ford Fusion Hybrid Has Useful Design Features

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid has again this year been recognized as being a hybrid sedan that is more than meets the eye. Look at how these design features actually serve as safety features too.

The Adaptive Cruise Control in the new Ford Fusion Hybrid does more than maintain a speed hands-free. If the system detects a vehicle is moving too slow in front of you, the brakes begin slowing down the vehicle just enough to avoid an accident. When that vehicle clears, the speed is automatically resumed.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid also has the Pre-Collision Assist feature. This feature is always scanning the road for anything that could cause a collision and assists the brakes by bringing the vehicle to a safe stop without the need to slam on the brakes.

The new Ford Fusion Hybrid is here at Watson Quality Ford and ready to be taken for a test drive.

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