What Does the Alternator in Your Ford do?

The alternator in your vehicle acts like a generator. It carries on charging the car’s electrical system after the battery has provided the initial jolt to get everything going. Connected to the engine by a belt, the alternator even charges the battery while the car’s running.

You can expect a long life out of an alternator without need of regular servicing. They typically last at least eight years, and sometimes much longer. When they do begin to fail, however, it’s apparent very quickly because your electrical systems will fail. Your car’s battery or alternator warning light should illuminate. If it doesn’t, there are signs to watch out for. Lights will appear dimmer, the gauges on the instrument panel stop functioning, and you may hear screeching from the belt.

You may be able to charge your car to get it running, but it won’t hold a charge. Stop in to Watson Quality Ford when in Jackson, MS. Our experienced technicians can answer questions and diagnose your car’s charging problems.

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