What You Should Know About Timing Belts

An important part of your engine is the timing belt. But what exactly does a timing belt do, and how should you keep it maintained? The Watson Quality Ford service team here in Jackson, MS can help.

Your engine has both a camshaft that works the engine's valves and a crankshaft that operates the pistons. These two components must work in synchronization in order for your engine to run. This is the purpose of the timing belt. It keeps the camshaft and crankshaft working smoothly together. If the timing belt breaks, your engine will not run at all.

Timing belts do not last forever, and the best way to avoid serious engine damage due to a broken belt is to change your timing belt regularly. Your vehicle owner's manual will tell you exactly how frequently you should change the timing belt. Every 60,000 to 100,000 miles is generally the recommendation. However, you should check on your timing belt anytime you notice an abnormal high-pitched sound coming from your engine.

Our service staff at Watson Quality Ford is here to assist you with all your vehicle maintenance needs. Contact us today!

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