Maintain Your Tire Tread for Optimal Control

Tires have treads that vary depending on the vehicle type and life usage. These differences affect their performance while on the roads of North Jackson, MS. In some cases, worn out tires are responsible for accidents. Regular checks on them by professionals will keep your vehicle safer. In the case of worn tires, it's advisable to visit the car dealership for a replacement to avoid accidents.

Low tread results in a much longer stopping distance on wet roads, which increases your overall risk of hydroplaning. Tread works by channeling water out from the casing and without tread, water creates a smooth layer in between the rubber and the road. This situation accounts for several accidents during the winter season.

At 60 mph on a wet road, a car with 2/32 inch tread depth requires ten additional car lengths to stop than a car with 10/32 inch tread depth. In many cases, a tread depth below 4/32inch anywhere on a vehicle increases the rates of crashes.

Let our Ford parts and repair technicians provide you with tire maintenance and replacement when it's time. Come to Watson Quality Ford soon!

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