Ford Fusion: 2018's Top Sedan

Sedans dominate the roadways in most countries and the United States is no different. For 2018, Ford has unveiled a future icon, and it's full of luxury, entertainment and safety features. No other brand is doing what Ford's doing on a consistent basis and this model of sedan is a true testament to its success.

Visit Jackson Watson Quality Ford Inc. in Jackson, MS for an up-close and personal viewing of this vehicle. The Fusion comes in a variety of wonderful colors such as shadow black, metallic blue, magnet gray, white platinum, oxford white, lighting blue and ruby red.

Its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system provides a much safer ride even during inclement weather conditions. Its Auto Start-Stop technology helps you save on emissions as the car will automatically shut off during a complete stop on the road. The innovation is simply amazing and the ingenuity is ungodly in a sense. The new year will definitely be owned by this automotive masterpiece.

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