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Car Research Guide


A new car is a serious investment, and it takes some research to pinpoint just the right ride. Don't make the rookie mistake of falling for the first shiny new car you see. Instead, follow these guidelines to be sure you are making a smart investment in personal transportation.

Listing Your Criteria

A good approach to car shopping is to start by listing your criteria, such as:

  • Size
  • Price range
  • Fuel economy
  • Number of seats
  • Amount of cargo space
  • Engine size
  • Front, rear or four-wheel drive
  • Tech features

Doing Your Research

Keep your criteria in mind when researching your…

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Vehicle Spotlight: The New Ford Edge ST

When Ford decided to revamp their Edge SUV for 2019, it turned to the pros on its performance team to punch it up. The result is the all-new Edge ST, an impressive muscle machine with fine-tuned handling and tech assists that kick in as needed. If you have eyed Ford's mid-sized SUV in the past but are still on the fence, this may be the model year you've been waiting for.


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What You Should Know About Timing Belts

An important part of your engine is the timing belt. But what exactly does a timing belt do, and how should you keep it maintained? The Watson Quality Ford service team here in Jackson, MS can help.

Your engine has both a camshaft that works the engine's valves and a crankshaft that operates the pistons. These two components must work in synchronization in order for your engine to run. This is the purpose of the timing belt. It keeps the camshaft and crankshaft working smoothly together. If the timing belt breaks, your engine will not run at all. 

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What Does the Alternator in Your Ford do?

The alternator in your vehicle acts like a generator. It carries on charging the car’s electrical system after the battery has provided the initial jolt to get everything going. Connected to the engine by a belt, the alternator even charges the battery while the car’s running.

You can expect a long life out of an alternator without need of regular servicing. They typically last at least eight years, and sometimes much longer. When they do begin to fail, however, it’s apparent very quickly because your electrical systems will fail. 

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Ford Fusion: 2018's Top Sedan

Sedans dominate the roadways in most countries and the United States is no different. For 2018, Ford has unveiled a future icon, and it's full of luxury, entertainment and safety features. No other brand is doing what Ford's doing on a consistent basis and this model of sedan is a true testament to its success.

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Online Financing Saves You Time When Purchasing A New Vehicle

If you have ever purchased a car you know that picking out the right car is only half the battle. Once you select the vehicle, you want to purchase there is a bevy of paperwork that has to be completed that can take hours. That's why our team wants you to know about our online financing application. This online tool allows you to provide information we'll need to put you behind the wheel at your convenience.

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Why the 2018 Explorer Could Be the SUV for You

Are you in search of a new SUV? The 2018 Ford Explorer may be exactly what you're looking for. Whether you're looking for a vehicle for yourself or your family, this is a vehicle that will get the job done while keeping you safe.

If you want a car that has style and looks impressive in design this is a great choice. This vehicle also gives you a lot of options. The 2018 Explorer is available in the base model, XLT, Limited, Sport, and top-spec platinum. Not only is this vehicle fun to drive and practical any time…
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